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This repository is used for storing helm charts.

Setup chart name

To publish a chart in your namespace, its name must start with UID.
Creating a chart:

$ helm create UID-example-chart-name

If the chart has already been created, you need to change the name of its root directory and the name string in Chart. yaml:

apiVersion: v1
appVersion: "1.0"
description: A Helm chart for Kubernetes
name: UID-example-chart-name
version: 0.1.0


Before publishing the chart to the repository, you must package it:

$ helm package UID-example-chart-name

After completion, a file should be generated:



To publish a chart, you can use any upload utility (make sure that the selected tool supports Basic-Auth):

$ curl -u mail:password https://artifactory.$ --upload-file UID-example-chart-name-<version>.tgz

Configuring Helm CLI

To work with files in the repository, you must perform the basic configuration:

$ helm repo add custom-name https://artifactory.$ --username mail --password password

Repo updating

Before fetching a chart from a repository, you must update the information about the repository's content:

$ helm repo update


To fetch a chart from the repository, run:

$ helm fetch custom-name/UID-example-chart-name
$ helm fetch custom-name/UID-example-chart-name --version <version>