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openSUSE 15.1


OpenSUSE is a Linux-based project and distribution sponsored by SUSE Linux GmbH and other companies. It is widely used throughout the world. The main goal of its development is the creation of usable open-source tools for software developers and system administrators while providing a user-friendly desktop and feature-rich server environment. OpenSUSE 15.1 has a graphical user interface GNOME. You can use this platform free of charge, but support is not provided.


Parameter Data
Operating System openSUSE 15.1
License Free
Desktop Environment GNOME
Processor 1 CPU
Disk 30 GiB
Filesystem auto-resize N/A
Admin Account admin root
Admin Password sending to email
Network Interfaces 1 managed by NetworkManager
Network Manager managed by NetworkManager
Initialization System cloud-init
Virtualization RHV
Updates -

Disk Partitioning

Partition Table: MBR

Filesystem auto-resize: N/A

Type Name Size, GiB File System
Primary boot 1 xfs
Primary opensuse 29 LVM VG
LV opensuse-root 28 btrfs
LV opensuse-swap 1 swap

Settings Review

  • 1 network interface
  • managed by the NetworkManager

Installed software

The list of the packages installed can be found in this file:

rpm -qa   или  zypper se --installed-only


Standard openSUSE repositories.

The list of the repositories can be found using the command:

zypper lr -d


openSUSE does not require any licenses or subscriptions.