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This repository is used for storing npm packages.

Use npm scope to work with a private repository. For private user repository, the scope is @UID, for team access the scope is @TEAM_NAME-team.


In command examples replace $LOC with the currently selected ICDC location.

npm login

Use npm login to authenticate with private repository and store credentials permanently in npm UserConfig* file:~/.npmrc`

npm login --repository=https://artifactory.$ --scope=@YOUR-SCOPE --always-auth
Username: your-uid
Password: ****

npm config set @YOUR-SCOPE:registry https://artifactory.$


If you authenticate in Artifactory with corporate (LDAP) login then you usually use an email-like username (e.g. Standard npm login command does not allow the use of such username, because it is url-unsafe, so use the customized command to login:

# Download custom npm-login:
curl -o npm-login && chmod +x npm-login
# Use npm-login to login with email-like username
./npm-login --registry=artifactory.$ --scope=@YOUR-SCOPE
Password: ****
Email ( 

npm publish

Use npm scope to publish the package in your namespace. Add your scope name into package.json:

"name": "@YOUR-SCOPE/project-name"

Then npm publish to upload package into repository:

npm publish

npm install

To install some package from your private repository specify your scope:

npm install @YOUR-SCOPE/package@version