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Billing Settings

The Billing Settings tab is designed to assign price plans to different accounts.

The tab allows the administrator to manage price plans:

  • assign and change price plans for different accounts;
  • plan assignments of price plans;
  • create new price plans.

Price Plan Assignments

In the Price Plan Assignments tab, the location administrator can view the assigned price plans, their statuses and expiration dates for specific accounts.

Also, the administrator can change the Price plan in a specific account by clicking the Edit button or in the account view window.

To change the current Price plan, you need to select a new one in the drop-down menu, set the start and end dates for the price plan.


The validity periods of the new price plan cannot overlap with the dates of the Current price plan.

In the same tab, the admin can schedule a Price Plan for an account by clicking Schedule a price plan.

To save changes, click Save.

Price Plans

In the Price Plans tab, you can view the list of available price plans plans with the ability to change or delete them.
To change or view the price plan parameters, you need to select the required price plan from the list by clicking on it.

To change the price plan parameters click Edit:

After changing the required parameters, click Save.


When you check the Set price plane as default checkbox, this tariff will be assigned by default to accounts created by the Operator.

Price Plan Creation

To create a new price plan click Create Price Plan.

In the opened window enter Name, add Resource Cost and click Create.

The created price plan will be displayed in the list of price plans available for assignment in the Price Plan tab.


The currency in which the cost of resources is calculated is automatically preset by agreement with the Operator.