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ICDC Billing helps cloud business owners collect payments from customers, manage tariff plans, and generate reports.

The Billing service provides the following features:

  • Assigning tariff plans to different accounts.
  • Automatically debiting funds from payment cards through integration with Stripe.
  • Generating reports for a specific period.
  • Generating invoices for downloads.

Interface Оverview

The ICDC Billing service interface can be divided into two parts:

Side navigation bar:

  • Home button - navigate to the main page of the service.
  • The Billing Settings tab provides information about tariff plans and their purposes.
  • The Payment Systems tab allows debiting funds from payment cards through integration with the Stripe payment system.
  • The Invoices tab displays invoices for all of the operator's customers.
  • The Reports tab is used for generating reports.

Control panel:

  • Help button - a link to the service documentation;
  • Location on which the information is displayed;
  • Information on the current user.

Under the dropdown menu, the user can view their username, change their account, adjust language settings, and log out.

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