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ICDC Outrun Dedicated - a dedicated public or private Outrun cluster for orchestrating container applications, managed by a location provider. The advantages of this service are the provision of a dedicated Outrun cluster for an entire account or a specific project with full management and support from the provider.

ICDC Outrun Dedicated is powered by OKD, a free and open source version of the Kubernetes container management platform that provides capabilities to automate deployment and infrastructure management processes. Kubernetes is a container management tool that makes it easy to deploy, scale, and manage containerized applications.

The service provides:

  • Comprehensive monitoring and resource management
    A set of tools for monitoring cluster events, controlling and effectively using and planning resources.
  • Integration with virtual private clouds via VPC peering or individual network service settings.
  • Customizable authentication options including LDAP, OpenID Connect, GitHub.
  • Built-in container registry
    Each cluster is equipped with an integrated registry of containerized applications, ready for instant use.


ICDC Outrun Dedicated in development.