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SUSE Server 15 SP4


SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) is a secure, adaptable and easy-to-manage Linux server platform that allows developers and administrators to deploy business-critical workloads on-premises, in the cloud and at the edge. Contains X server, but does not contain GNOME Desktop. License is required.


Parameter Data
Operating System Suse Server 15 SP4
License Required
Desktop Environment console + X Server
Processor 1 CPU
Disk 30 GiB
Filesystem auto-resize N/A
Admin Account admin
Admin Password Passw0rd
Network Manager 1 managed by NetworkManager
Initialization System -
Virtualization RHV

Disk Partitioning

Partition Table: MBR

Filesystem auto-resize: N/A

Type Name Size, GiB File System Description
Primary sda1 1 xfs boot
Primary sda2 29 - LVM2
LV suse-root 28 btrfs root
LV suse-swap 1 swap SWAP

Installed software

The list of the packages installed can be found in this file:

rpm -qa or zypper se –s


No repositories, subscription is required.

The list of the repositories can be found using the command:

zypper lr -d


openSUSE is required but not available.