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Service Sharing

ICDC Compute users can share their services with other users from the same account.


It is recommended to create projects in case several services will be used by a group of users.

To share access rights to a particular service, go to the service you want to share and open the Sharing tab.

Press the Add user button and input the user(s) email(s) you want to share the service with, and then press the Share button.
Separate different emails by pressing Space.
Important: After entering emails, please press Enter on the keyboard first and then press Save to finish.
(We are aware of this problem and are working on a fix)

If needed, you can share a VM with yourself, adding your email. This may be necessary to maintain access to the VM when transferring the ownership to another user.

You can see all users you have shared the service within the Sharing tab. Also, you will see the following information about the users: name, email, group.


Stop Sharing

Press a trash icon in line with the person you want to stop sharing service with.