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The Users tab provides information on all users participating in the project and their groups to admins and billing managers.

The information is displayed in the form of a list with the following data set for each user:

  • Username
  • Email
  • User's groups


the same user can belong to several groups if he/she has several roles in the project. By switching the groups, the users define their set of rights and available features.

Adding New Users

In order to add new project participants to the project or account, press Add Users input the user(s) email(s) you want to add to the project or account, and then press the Save button. Here you have to add the users and set their roles. Separate different emails by pressing Space.

Important: After entering emails, please press Enter on the keyboard first and then press Save to finish.
(We are aware of this problem and are working on a fix)

After that, the added users will be displayed in the main list.

Deleting Users

To remove any users from the project, find them in the list and press Delete in the corresponding row or select multiple users using checkboxes and press Delete Selected.

After confirming your action, the users will be removed from the list and you will see the system message above.