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Fedora Cloud 39


The lightweight VM environment. A customizable cloud native experience. Fedora Cloud allows you to tailor your environment to your needs by selecting the specific packages and features you want to include. Everything is supported by a totally free and open-source Fedora ecosystem.


Parameter Value
Operating System Fedora Cloud
License MIT (Free and open-source)
Processor 1 CPU
Swap zram (compressed swap up to size of RAM)
System Disk 5 GiB
User Account admin
User Password Options: temporary password (sent by email); set own password; disable password
Network Interfaces 1 managed by NetworkManager
Initialization System cloud-init
Virtualization oVirt
Updates 2024-02-23

Disk Partitioning

Partition Table: GPT

Filesystem / (btrfs) auto-resizes to provisioned system disk size.

Type Name Size, GiB File System Description
Partition sda1 0.001 vfat BIOS boot
Partition sda2 1 ext4 /boot
Partition sda3 0.1 vfat /boot/efi
Partition sda4 0.004 - PowerPC PReP boot
Partition sda5 4 btrfs btrfs partition
Subvolume root - btrfs on sda5
Subvolume home - btrfs on sda5

There is no traditional swap partition on disk. Swap is enabled on /dev/zram0 device, which is compressed swap placed in memory. The size of such swap is dynamic up to free space of memory.


  • Single eth0 network interface, DHCP enabled, managed by NetworkManager as connection cloud-init eth0.
  • NTP enabled.
  • OS firewall is disabled. Use app Networking > SecurityGroups instead.
  • SELinux is enforcing.

Installed software

Software installed on system:

  • qemu-guest-agent
  • cockpit (installed only if Cockpit is selected in remote access option)


Free and opensource: MIT. Paid licenses and subscriptions are not required.