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Adding Client

To connect to disks, the ICDC Storage user must specify which clients are allowed to access which disk or disks.
To do this, add clients in the Clients tab.

To add a Client, click the Add Client button and fill in the following fields in the appeared window:

  • Name - unique client name. It is limited to 64 chars long. It should start with iqn and match the following template: iqn.<year, four digits>-<month, two digits>.<reverse domain name>[optional string starting with ':']

    • reverse domain name should contain characters in [0-9a-zA-Z] and '.' '-'
    • optional string should start with ':' and contain characters in [0-9a-zA-Z] and '.' '-' '_'


  • Owner - email of the client holder to which the assigned disks are linked. Field for users with admin role.

  • Assigned disks - disks to which you want to give access to this client. Available disks are selected from the drop-down menu. Each client can be assigned multiple drives. The same drive can be assigned to multiple clients;

To ensure secure connection of iSCSI clients to iSCSI portals, we use the CHAP authentication protocol, for which the following parameters must be specified when creating a client:

  • CHAP Username - The chap username must be 8-64 characters long and contain any letters or numbers in [0-9a-zA-Z] and '.' ':' '@' '_' '-'.
  • CHAP Password - Password must be 12-16 characters long and contain any letters and numbers in [0-9a-zA-Z] and '@' '-' '_' '/'.

Click Add to save and add a client.