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Database parameters specify how the database is configured. For example, database parameters can specify the amount of resources, such as memory, to allocate to a database.

The user manages the DB configuration by associating DB instances with Parameter groups.
ICDC Database includes parameter groups with default settings. You can also define your own parameter groups with individual settings.

A DB parameters group acts as a container for configuration values that apply to one or more DB instances.

The user cannot change the default parameter group settings. Instead, the following is possible:

  • Creating a new group of parameters;
  • Changing the settings of the desired parameters (not all DB parameters in the parameter group can be changed);
  • Changing the DB instance to use a group of custom parameters.


Incorrectly configuring settings in an option group may lead to unintended negative consequences, such as reduced performance and system instability. Be careful when changing database settings. Try changing the settings group settings on the test DB instance before applying those settings group changes to the production DB instance.

Parameter group creation

To create a parameter group, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Parameters tab.
  2. Click on New parameter group in the modal window.
  3. Fill in the following values:
    • Parameter group name;
    • Database type;
    • Parent group from which the new parameter group inherits its settings;
    • Description of the parameter group.
  4. Click Create.


When selecting the database type Redis or Memcached, only standard default parameters are used; internal database parameters are not displayed.

The created group of parameters will be displayed in the Parameters tab.

After selecting the created parameter group, the user has access to information about the parameter group (entered during creation) and the Parameter List applied to this group. These settings are specific to the instance to which this parameter group is assigned.

A parameter with the attribute value Modifiable - True is available for editing. If the parameter value is not filled in, it is controlled by the DB itself and is not predefined by the user or the service.

The Apply Type parameter can have two values:

  • dynamic - the parameter is applied immediately;
  • static - the parameter is applied during the next maintenance window.


Deleting a group of parameters is an irreversible action.