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Network Drive Mapping

Your ICDC Disk storage can be connected as a network drive.

To mount a personal ICDC Disk folder, you need a link that can always be found in the web version of the service in the lower left screen corner. Click on the Settings button and copy the link.

Further steps for Windows and Linux differ:


  1. Install the davfs2 package.
  2. Add a user to the davfs2 group:
    usermod -aG davfs2 local_user
  3. Mount the remote folder:
    mkdir /mnt/webdav

mount -t davfs http://webdavlink/nextcloud/remote.php/webdav /mnt/webdav


Tested on distributions from the Red Hat line.


  1. Verify that the WebClient is running.

  2. Check the registry. As a rule, you must change the registry entry to connect.


    Check that BasicAuthLevel is set to 2.

  3. Click Map network drive:

  4. Into the appeared window insert the link and enter your username and password: