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View Components

To view the repositories and their contents, select how to get information using the menu on the left:

  1. Search is used for finding particular artifacts.

    Here you can use search and specify search criteria. To do it, press More criteria and add relevant parameters. In the fields that appear, enter the value of the search criteria or delete it by clicking the minus icon. The search results are displayed below in form of a table where you can proceed to the found item or sort the search results.

  2. Browse is used for viewing the contents in the hierarchy of repository folders. Go to the Browse tab to mto view all repository contents stored in the repositories and check their hierarchy.

Artifact Information

To view the details about the component, select it the directory. The details will appear in tabs of the artifact card on the right:

  • Summary - general information about the selected artifact;
  • Usage - usage description;
  • Attributes - extended set of the item's parameters.

In the artifact card you can view its contents and properties, download or copy it, as well as move or delete.