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ICDC Compute is a web service for ordering service images from the catalog and managing virtual machines in the cloud. The service is designed for both developers and managers.


  • Virtual Machines (VM). Order services and create virtual machines in the cloud within several minutes using a simple user interface. The server's virtual machines are deployed automatically and don't require any additional approvals as long as it doesn't exceed resource limit.
  • HTML5 Console. After the virtual machine is deployed, you can access its screen and keyboard using your web browser or get connected to the VM using the HTML5 console.
  • Management of resources. You are free to change the number of CPU and RAM allocated to the VM whenever you need as well as add more blank HDDs up to 1Tb. The number of available computing resources is limited by the quota that consists of three parameters and is displayed on the Resources tab.
  • Backup. You can also make backups of your virtual machines' data and restore it anytime.
  • Sharing. Allow a group of trusted people to use your service by giving them full access rights. In this case, the service owner is still responsible for the security and costs associated with the service.
  • Network access. Each virtual machine receives a standard IP address that is accessible from the network.
  • Support. Create support requests if you encounter any technical issues. Your ticket will be processed by the support team within a short time.

For a quick introduction to the service functionality go to General Information.

Do you have any questions?
You can refer to the FAQ, and you can also contact your local technical support.

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ICDC.IO team.