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File Actions

By default, all ICDC Disk users are offered the following set of service capabilities:

  1. File storage;
  2. Editing files;
  3. Viewing file versions
  4. Comments on the files;
  5. Shared access;
  6. Creating documents in the cloud;
  7. Search;
  8. Automatic file deleting;
  9. Automatic recycle bin cleaning.

Additional Features

Other service functions available via drop-down menu:

  • Add to favorites: select the file for quick access from the Favorites section;
  • View details: see last activity, comments, sharing information, and versioning of the file;
  • Rename - change the name of the file;
  • Move or copy - change the destination of the file or create its copy in another folder;
  • Download;
  • Open in ONLYOFFICE;
  • Unshare.


The service interface may differ depending on access rights and application versions.