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ICDC Compute allows its users to carry out a backup of the service in order to copy and archive data to the media in its current state needed for eventual restoring.

This chapter contains the following service features concerning service backups:

Information about Backup System

To view the information about backups, go to the service page and proceed to the Backups tab:


The information on backups is represented in two sections:

  1. Backups scheduler

    • Backup schedule and frequency
    • Information on the first, last, and next backup.

    The functionality of this tab allows viewing information on the service backup schedules and create or delete them as well.
    See more: Backup scheduler.

  2. Full backups

    • Name of the backup;
    • Date - the day and the time the backup was made;
    • Status of the backup copy.

    Besides viewing information on created backups, this tab allows creating new ones and determine their retention period.
    See more: Backup creation and Deletion.