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After the transformation stage in the Deploy window starts the process of deploying the project with the specified settings. Deployment can take a long time. While the process is running, the user will see the following loading page:


Resource deployment is a completely autonomous process that does not interrupt when you close a tab or browser.

After the deployment is complete, the user will have access to tables with a list of migrated resources. Each resource is in a special element that can be collapsed and expanded. The title of this item indicates the type of resource and the number of items in the list.

At the end of the migration, the resource will simply appear in the corresponding service, ready for usage.

Terraform file

In the deployment results window, the user can export the Terraform ft/JSON file, which contains detailed information about the task for deploying resources (data on resources and their parameters, passwords for VMs, SSH Keys, etc.).

To export, you need to click the Export Terraform File button, after which it will be downloaded to the user's computer.

Click the Configure button to go to the next stage of migration.