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ICDC Storage is a reliable cloud system with various access interfaces that users can use to store data from projects, applications, and services.

Ceph Storage

The service is based on the Ceph storage system which is a highly scalable decentralized cluster consisting of server nodes. The cluster data is replicated so that the load on the nodes is evenly distributed. This ensures that the Ceph cluster is up and running smoothly and that data is available even if a drive or node fails.

For correct operation, you must use unique S3 usernames and bucket names within the same Ceph cluster location.
ICDC Storage allows to work with storage using S3/Swift and iSCSI protocols.

S3 Storage

The service runs on Amazon S3 and OpenStack Swift protocols, allowing applications, services, and individual users, regardless of platform, to work with different types of objects using standard HTTP/HTTPS requests.


  • Object storage with S3 support.
  • Create and manage S3 users.
  • Create, manage, and edit buckets.

For more information on the capabilities of Amazon S3 with the Ceph storage, click here.

iSCSI Storage

iSCSI Storage allows to use storage in the form of network block devices (disks) connected to virtual machines, workstations and servers via iSCSI protocol.

On request, the support service can also provide additional Ceph storage capabilities:

  • POSIX compliant file system, featuring instant snapshot creation.
  • Network block storage via rdb protocol.

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