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Administrators can monitor information on reports of other users.
To view report data, press your profile picture and select Statistics.

Statistics page will open, and the number of servers compliant with the following security statuses will be displayed:

  • Compliant: server complies with security policy;
  • Incompliant: security vulnerabilities were detected during the scan;
  • Unknown: server scan was not performed.

Over the table is displayed the general number of servers with the corresponding status.
To view the statistics on the server checks of a particular user, find the line with their email in the table and expend it. After that, all user's servers with their statuses will be displayed as thumbnails. To open a scanning report, press the server's thumbnail.

The Server details window contains brief information about the selected server and a list of reports in chronological order. Each report can also be opened in a separate window and downloaded in pdf format.
See also Reports.