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The service functionality of this tab allows creating, viewing, and deleting snapshots - saved system state at a particular point in time.

Snapshots are used for restoring file systems after crashes and reviving recorded processes.

The snapshots icon is located in the Instances tab on the right side of the virtual machine line as a camera icon.

When clicking this button, a drop-down menu with the following options will open:

  • View,
  • Create.

After clicking the View button, the user will be shown the snapshots' information page:

Here you can see the timeline where all created snapshots are depicted and the scale line which represents the length of the time period shown above it.

When you hover over the timeline and scroll the mouse wheel, the timeline will narrow or expand, showing the creation date and time of the gray snapshot markers at different scales.

Under the timelines, you can see the list of created snapshots and the Configuration button. When you press it, the menu of possible actions appears:

  • Create Snapshot,
  • Delete All Snapshots.

Creating Snapshots

To create a snapshot, open the Snapshots' creation window and:

  • either click the snapshots icon located in the right part of the VM line and click Create.

  • or go to Snapshots => View and select Create Snapshot in the Configuration window.

It will open the Snapshot's creation field:

You can enter the name and description of the project as well as choose to save RAM.

To finish, click the Create button.

If the snapshot creation was successful, you will see a system notification, and the new snapshot will appear in the list under the timeline.


For any service, it's possible to create 3 snapshots, whereby the retention period for all of them will be unlimited.

Restoring VMs

In the cases when restoration of a VM's condition is required, you can use snapshots or backups which were created previously.

To restore from a snapshot, select the required snapshot in the list and press Revert in the dropdown menu in order to start restoring.


Reverting is only possible on stopped virtual machines. See the Power management page.

Deletion of Snapshots

To delete a snapshot, find it in the list and select Delete in the dropdown menu on the right. After confirming the action, the snapshot will be deleted and a system notification will appear above.