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ICDC Message Queue is a service that simplifies the process of creating and managing message brokers.
A broker simplifies the work of web services by handling message forwarding and all related tasks.

Two key elements are involved in the operation of a message broker:

  • producer (message creator)
  • consumer (recipient)

One element creates messages and sends them to the receiving element. During the sending process, the broker provides an intermediate stage by storing messages from the creator in a specific file system folder.

Using message queues, different parts of the system can exchange information and process operations asynchronously. Messages are usually small and can represent requests, responses, error messages, or just information. To send a message, the message creator adds the message to the queue. The message is stored in the queue until the recipient retrieves the message and does something with it.

Interface Оverview

The ICDC Message Queue service interface can be conditionally divided into two parts:

Navigation sidebar:

  • Home button - navigate to the main page of the service.
  • Brokers tab allows creating, managing, and tracking message brokers.
  • Configurations tab provides management of message broker settings by assigning configurations/managing broker configurations.

Control panel:

  • Help - access to service documentation.
  • Location - select the location for which information is displayed.
  • Current user information.

In the dropdown menu, the user can see their username, change account settings, language preferences, and log out.

Do you have any questions? You can ask your local technical support a question.

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