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Service Information

To view the service information, go to the My Services tab and select any ordered service from the list.


In the upper part of the service page you will see the general information on the service:

  • Location: physical location of virtual machines;
  • Owner: owner of the service;
  • Created On: date and time the service was created;
  • Power State: virtual machine activity indicator;
  • Memory: total amount of RAM reserved for the entire service;
  • CPU: total number of CPUs reserved for the entire service;
  • Storage: total size of disk space (GB);
  • Retires on: scheduled retirement date.

In the lower part of the service page, the detailed information on the service and its VMs is organized in the following tabs:

  • Instances (opened by default): list of virtual machines belonging to the service provided with the following data:

    • Power Indicator: current status of virtual machine activity,
    • Name of the virtual machine,
    • OS: OS of the virtual machine,
    • IPs: IP address of the virtual machine,
    • CPU: number of virtual processing units,
    • Memory: the amount of RAM reserved for the VM,
    • Storage: storage area reserved for the VM,
  • Networks: information about networks available for the user;

  • Backups: backup management menu;
  • Sharing: information about shared access with other users;
  • Schedules: list of power and backup schedules set to this service;
  • Events: information about virtual machine events, such as creation, configuration updates with date and time, and who made the changes.