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ICDC Outrun Kube Service - a dedicated public or private Kubernetes cluster, optimized for resource efficiency, managed by a location account or the owner of the ordered cluster. The service provides the core capabilities of ICDC Outrun Cloud, allowing customers to fully manage containerized applications.

ICDC Outrun Kube Service is powered by OKD, a free and open source version of the Kubernetes container management platform that provides capabilities to automate deployment and infrastructure management processes. Kubernetes is a container management tool that makes it easy to deploy, scale, and manage containerized applications.

The service provides:

  • Automated deployment and rollback process
    Kubernetes implements changes to an application or its configuration in a phased manner, monitoring the state of the application to prevent all instances from being destroyed at once. If problems occur, Kubernetes automatically rolls back changes made.
  • Horizontal scaling
    Easily scale your application up or down using simple commands, the user interface, or automatically based on CPU usage.
  • Multi-cluster management
    Consolidated cluster views: Unified management of multiple clusters.
  • Service discovery and load balancing
    There is no need to change the application to use the unusual service discovery mechanism. Kubernetes assigns pods their own IP addresses and a unique DNS name for a group of pods, and also performs load balancing between them.
  • Secret and configuration management
    Deploy and update application secrets and settings without having to rebuild the image or exposing secrets in the stack configuration.


ICDC Outrun Kube Service in development.