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ICDC Code is an ICDC service that allows you to store code in a secure way, lead the project and bugtrack in one service. It is a single application for the entire DevOps lifecycle that allows teams to work together better and faster bring more value to your customers.

The service is based on the latest version of Gitlab.

GitLab is a fully integrated software development platform that enables your team to be transparent, fast, effective, and cohesive from discussion on a new idea to production, all on the same platform.


  • Hosting code in repositories with version control
  • Building, testing and deploying with built-in Continuous Integration
  • Reviewing code in Merge Requests with live-preview changes per branch with Review Apps
  • Tracking proposals for new implementations, bug reports, and feedback with a fully featured Issue Tracker

Quick Start

For a quick introduction to the service go to the General Information.

For a more detailed overview of all GitLab features, go to the official website.

Do you have any questions?
You can ask your local technical support a question.

Best regards,
ICDC team.