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VPN Wireguard connection

After an account registration in the VPN service, there is a VPN gateway pre-created by default.

To add a VPN Wireguard connection, the user needs to follow these steps:

New connection

For a pre-created VPN gateway, you need to create a connection.

To do this, click on the VPN gateway and click the Create connection button.

To add a connection, you need to specify:

  • Name of connection;
  • IP with subnet prefix - IP address of VPN Gateway on client connection subnet;
    Usually, the first IP address of the subnet is specified, for example:
  • Port - UDP port on the public IP address;
    We recommend using port 2200/udp for the 1st connection, as it is preconfigured and allowed. For further connections within your account, contact Support for port configuration.
  • MTU- maximum transmission unit, the recommended value -1420`.

Click Add.

Route creation

In order for the created connection to see virtual machines in other networks of the account, you need to add a new route to the specified subnet of the connection to the list of VPC routes.
To do this, go to the VPC Networks service, in the Routing tab click the Create button.

In the modal window, you need to specify:

  • Subnet (in this case;
  • Gateway – internal address of the previously created connection (in this case,

Device adding

To use this VPN connection, you need to add your device. To do this, in the configured connection, click Add device.

Fill in the following fields:

  • IP - the address is offered automatically (free address from the subnet specified when creating the connection), in this case -;
  • Public Key – indicates the public key of Wireguard users;
    The Routing Subnets and Keep Alive fields are optional.

Configuration setup

Now we need to create a configuration file to enable a VPN connection on the device. In the side menu of the added device, click Configs.

In the modal window that opens, enter the Wireguard private key, and click Proceed.

Next, you need to follow the instructions in modal window, according to the type of your OS.

After the successful completion of the instructions, the VPN Wireguard connection is considered configured.


You can check whether the device has successfully connected to the VPN by running the ping command with the gateway address: