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Dashboard Overview

After logging in, creating disk, and adding a client, all iSCSI Storage functionality and its interface becomes available to the ICDC Storage user.

The service interface can be divided into two blocks.

  1. Quotas - available data pools (available resources information) for user: storage type (ssd/hdd), number of disks (Disks), the storage usage space (GB), number of added clients and the number of snapshots.


    Adding and changing a quota is available only to the account administrator by clicking the Add quota and Edit buttons.
    Adding a quota may not be available when all data pools have been used. (not available in user interface)

  2. The second block of the interface differs depending on the choice of tabs: Disks/Clients.

    • Disks tab:
      Disks List - a list of the created disks, their space usage, assigned clients and snaphots.

    • Clients tab:
      Clients List - a list of the created clients, the disks they are assigned to, username and password if CHAP authentication was preconfigured by service administrator.

User Group

In case the user has multiple assigned groups, it is possible to switch them from the drop-down menu on the right next to Role:.

Access to particular service tabs is provided to user groups according to the table below:

Tab / Group member admin
Disks Owned only Tenant owned
Clients Owned only Tenant owned