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File Storage

The default storage quota for each user is 100 GiB. If more storage space is required, you need to contact technical support and make a request. If the request is accepted, the disk space limit will be increased.

The maximum size of the file that can be downloaded via web interface can reach 20 GiB.

By default, ICDC Disk can store all file types. In particular, there is an opportunity to edit files in Word, Excel, Power Point, txt and csv formats. The .odt format is converted into .doc.


File encryption is not supported in this version.

Account Types

ICDC Disk offers two account types:

  • user account - created to store the employee's work files;
  • project account - created to organize the workspace for the team so that all of the data is stored in one shared space that every team member can access

The user account is created automatically the first time the user logs in, and the project account is created on the basis of a separate request to technical support.