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Backup Scheduler

To schedule backup, you need to press the Add schedule button under the Backups tab.

open scheduler

Currently, you can not create a few backups at the same time (for one hour).

There are the following types of backup schedules:

  • once
  • daily
  • monthly
  • quarterly

To schedule, you need to choose a date or(and) time and press the Save button. After the schedule is created you could find it under the Backup scheduler panel.

Backup Schedules and Backup List

Backups schedules list and backups list

The backup schedule has the following attributes:

  • First run - date and time when it will be run first;
  • Last run - date and time when scheduler was run. If it has never been run, then Last run is Not run yet;
  • Next run - date and time when it will be run next time;

The backup schedule could be deleted by pressing the recycle icon.

Use the Auto-delete backups older than button to change backup retention policy.

Backup retention policy