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ICDC Outrun Service - a dedicated public or private Outrun cluster managed by a location account or the owner of the ordered cluster. The advantages of this service are that it provides Outrun with a cluster with full rights to configure and manage the cluster.

ICDC Outrun Service is powered by OKD, a free and open source version of the Kubernetes container management platform that provides capabilities to automate deployment and infrastructure management processes. Kubernetes is a container management tool that makes it easy to deploy, scale, and manage containerized applications.

The service provides:

  • Self-service resource provisioning
    The ability to build and deploy applications on demand using commonly used tools, with complete operational control over the entire environment.
  • Integrated CI/CD pipelines
    The ability to reduce manual deployment work, allowing you to deploy better software for CI and automated tests.
  • Multi-cluster Management
    Consolidated cluster views: unified management of multiple clusters.
  • Automated deployment
    Automate the build, deployment, scaling, and state management of containers and applications.
  • Deployment from Source Code
    Creating ready-to-run images by embedding source code into a container and having the container prepare that source code for execution.


ICDC Outrun Service in development.