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How to Install oVirt Agent?

The oVirt Guest Agent provides information, notifications, and actions between the Compute service's web interface and the VM.

The agent provides the following information to the web interface:

  • Virtual Machine Name
  • Operating System
  • IP Addresses
  • Installed Applications
  • Network and RAM usage
  • Other data

Agent Installation


To install the oVirt agent on Windows, perform the following steps:

  1. Ask the support for the oVirt agent installer or download the installer from the Internet.

  2. Open the oVirt agent installer on your computer:

  3. Unstall the program:


CentOS7 & RHEL7 client

To install oVirt:

  1. Install epel:

    sudo yum -y install epel-release
  2. Install oVirt Guest Tools using yum:

    sudo yum install ovirt-guest-agent-common
  3. Enter the following command to enable the service:

    sudo systemctl enable ovirt-guest-agent.service 
  4. Launch the service

    sudo systemctl start ovirt-guest-agent.service

Ubuntu 16.04 LTS / Debian 8 client

Package installation from the standard repositories:

# apt-get install ovirt-guest-agent

# chown ovirtagent:ovirtagent -R /var/log/ovirt-guest-agent

# systemctl enable ovirt-guest-agent

# systemctl status ovirt-guest-agent`


The web interface may take some time to start displaying information. If you find that this information does not appear after a while, restart the VM by turning the power off and then on through the web interface and make sure the service is running inside the VM.