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ICDC Compute allows hosting services in separate locations within the locations available to a user.

Location - the physical location of the used resources: virtual processors, RAM, and storage.

Service Order

You can select the location of the service from the drop-down window during the ordering process. During ordering, the user is shown currently available locations only.
After that, it is impossible to change the location of this service.


Depending on the selected location, the list of available networks will change in the order form.

See more details on the page Service order.

Service Information

To find out the ordered service location you must select the service in My Services list. The required location will be indicated in the Location field.


See more details on the page Service information.

Viewing Quotas

To monitor the number of location resources consumed by particular projects, you need to go to the Resources tab and view the information on the relevant project in the provided infographic.


For more information see Resources.