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Public Access

Adding Network

To configure the networks, you need to go to My Services, select the necessary service, and go to the Networks tab.
You can add access from the Internet in this section. To add a network, click the Add access button.


Public access parameters are set in the modal window:


Port forwarding is used to configure public access to the virtual machine, which allows inbound traffic to be directed to any TCP/UDP port from the account’s public IP address to the private IP address of the virtual machine. To configure port forwarding, you must specify:

  • Name (to display in UI and identify port forwarding).
  • The protocol by which the incoming traffic will be transmitted: TCP or UDP.
  • External port - you can use any free port within the account (this is checked automatically), by default ports 80, 443, and 2200 are occupied by system services. We also recommend using ports starting from 8000.
  • Internal port - the port on which the virtual machine will receive traffic.


Please note that by default, incoming traffic is blocked by security groups, so you need to allow traffic on a specific port and protocol in the Networking/Firewall service.

  • Virtual machine: select virtual machine and internal address


One virtual machine cannot use different public addresses.

After saving the settings and reloading the page, port forwarding will be displayed in the tab below, indicating the public address of the account and the external port. (you can use access by domain name

Viewing Public Access

After adding the network, they are displayed in the form of a list with the following characteristics:

  • Access name;
  • Router;
  • External access;
  • Protocol;
  • Internal access.