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Interface Overview

After logging in, the users can proceed to work with ICDC Artifactory by viewing and managing all the data available to them.

The structure of the web service with opened repository three and an artifact card is presented below:

The interface of Artifactory can be devided into 4 functional blocks:

  1. Control panel: buttons for managing service, team, and user settings;

  2. Navigation panel: search objects according to the specified criteria or browse repositories and folders.

See more: View Components

  1. Repository three: view catalog hierarchy displayed for the browse mode or information on particular elements via Search;

  2. Artifact details: information on the artifact including its type, creation day, creator's name etc. The amount of provided information may vary between different file types.


In every repository, the user may have access to the objects whose names start with the user's «UID» - the first part of the user's email before @.

See more: Repositories.