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On the My Projects tab, the user can see detailed information about migration projects and their current state.

All projects are displayed in this tab as a list with the following parameters:

  • Name;
  • AWS Region;
  • Target Location.

The far right column displays the current state of the project by statuses:

  • Status:
    • New
    • Imported
    • Transformed
    • Deployed
    • Configured

Clicking on the project's name will open a page where the user can view detailed information about the project and start import.

Project Creation

To create a project, you need to click the New project button, and then in the opened modal window, define its settings: name and description, account (Credentials), select VPC Network for it to filter resources, and Target Location in ICDC Cloud.

Click the Сreate button to save the new project. After that, it will be displayed in the project list.