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Project Overview

The Projects tab displays information about projects - units of the ICDC Compute system created within a particular account - and allows creating, edit, and delete the projects in the list.
The tab is only available for account users who belong to the admin (create and edit projects) and billing groups (view only).

The information on projects is displayed as an expanding list with filtering options above it. At the end of the list, you can define the number of projects displayed on a page and view the number of users.

Every list section contains the following information about the project: system name, short description, and the number of users participating in this project.

In order to see the extended set of information, press Details, the section will open and show the following project attributes:

  • Description - full project name and description;
  • Expiration date - expected project's end set by administrator;
  • Admin - Emails of project admins