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During the Transform stage, users can change the parameters of the imported resources before deploying to ICDC.

In the page tabs, the user can view and change the parameters for the imported resource types.

For each configuration parameter, the Source column shows the original value, and the Target column shows the value recommended by the system for subsequent use in the ICDC environment.

To adjust the parameter value, click on the green setting button and change it in the appeared modal window in the Target column.


For resources of EC2 type, VM parameters are set (CPU, RAM, type and size of disks) and OS (type, version, network):


For S3 storage, you can define the maximum bucket size:


For RDS resources, VM parameters are set (CPU, RAM, disk type, software version, as well as the number of nodes in the cluster (only for MySQL v.5.7)):


For ElastiCache resources, VM parameters are set (CPU, RAM, cache type and version, number of nodes, and network type):

After configuring the parameters of all imported resources, click Deploy to proceed to the next step of the migration project.