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An account is a set of credentials that are required to access and migrate AWS resource configurations using ICDC Migrator.
All migrated user resources will be imported and deployed within the ICDC, where they can be used in the corresponding services (ICDC Compute, ICDC Storage).

Account Creation

In the AWS Accounts tab (the Cloud Credentials sidebar button), the user can see a list of the accounts he has created.

To add an account, click on the Create account button and fill in the fields of the appeared modal window:

If the account was added successfully, it will be displayed in the table. All accounts can be viewed and sorted alphabetically, descending, or ascending. To perform sorting, click on one of the table headings.

To view the account's information, click on its name in the list, and then a new page will open.

To transfer resource configurations to ICDC, you need to create a project, where you can select resources and configure them for subsequent migration.

Access Keys

To get account access and secret keys, the user must have an AWS account with the necessary rights and keys, and also activate the following security policies:

For the official AWS IAM User Documentation follow the link.