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Dashboard Overview

Once logged in, the user will be taken to the Files tab.

Here you can add, remove, and share files, and make changes based on the access rights set by you (if you are administering the server) or by your server administrator.

The user interface contains the following fields and functions:

  1. Tab selection: switching service tabs (Files, Activity, Gallery, Search, Webloader);
  2. Tab menu: provides subsections and filters of the selected tab;
  3. Tab window: displays the contents and features of the tab;
  4. Navigation Bar: viewing folder hierarchy from the current folder up to the root level (home);
  5. New button: enables you to create or upload new files to the catalog;
  6. View mode button: select the file view mode (list or grid);
  7. Profile Settings: сlick on your profile picture to open the account Settings page;
  8. Notifications button: opens notification window of ICDC Disk;


The service interface may differ depending on access rights and application versions.