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During the configuration stage, the user can execute a configuration script for EC2 resources and set new parameters for RDS.

To perform the configuration of a resource, press the Script next to it and add a script or configuration parameters in the dialog box that appears and press Save.

After the scripts have been added for all the required resources in the table, click the Configure button.

Upon the successful start of the configuration process, the configuration status near the resource will change, and the configuration log will appear on the screen, which will be updated every 10 seconds.

Clicking on the Options button will open the settings dialog for the deployed database:

After the scripts have been added and the new parameters for RDS have been set, the resources will be available in the corresponding services (ICDC Compute, [ICDC Storage] (

Login to the system

The standard SSH key and VM password are located in the Terraform deployment file. For security reasons, it is strongly recommended to change the key and password at the configuration stage using the command.

echo <YOUR_PUBLIC_KEY> > ~/.ssh/authorized_keys

To learn more about creating SSH keys follow the link.